The two commonest ways of making Rosé are to either to blend some white wine with some red wine or to coferment red and white grapes. We have used both methods in our short history with the style. Perhaps the most innovative thing we have done is to use Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as the grapes. This was born of necessity, of course as they are the only grapes really available to us. But since most Rosé Champagnes are made using these two grape varieties we had no hesitation and in fact we are surprised that other wineries in Australia haven't used this combination. The first vintage produced was 2009 and it, along with our following vintage in 2012 have both sold out.

Our current vintage is the 2013 Rosé, and, like our previous vintages, it has pleasant fruit flavours and is delightful wine for sipping on a summer's day. 

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