Pinot Noir

The Pinot vineyard was planted in 1997 and in the early years produced quite variable yields. It has now settled down to producing between 1 - 2 tonnes to the acre. Peter Leske started making wine for us from the vineyard in 2004, initially under The Alexandrina Hills Label and it is pleasing to report that, ten years later, the wine is still going strong and shows no sign of getting tired! The 2005 and 2006 were both under the Alexandrina Hills label and these early wines  established a pattern for our Pinot Noir which we think is very pleasing i.e. the vineyard produces wine which is relatively light in body but has strong and even powerful flavours in the strawberry to black cherry spectrum. The major criticism of the style of wine produced early on was perhaps it was lacking a little in structure (i.e. tannins - tannins and acid are needed to make wine friendly with food ). The first wine under the Mosquito Hill Label was 2007 (very little of it) and then in 2008 there was a heatwave which led to some monstrous wines all over SA and the 2008 Pinot Noir was quite black and could just about have gone into Grange! (That's an  exaggeration, but it was very popular among drinkers of traditional Australian full bodied and high alcohol red wines). In 2010  our new winery was built at Mosquito Hill and since 2011 all wines have been made on site.

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